After tech entrepreneur @cvrlne on Twitter tweeted out asking people how they used their internet time back in the heyday of technology prior to social media. People began reminiscing about AIM, Neopets, and MySpace among other popular websites.
People began sharing their old AIM screen names and favorite past times on the interwebs before social media took over. Once people started sharing their AIM screen names, the memories came flooding back with thousands of tweets from users wondering what happened to their favorite games, forums, and websites. However, for all of the memories, no one could seem to name all of those virtual doll dress up websites.
Though most of the websites are extinct, you can still Google the websites and see screenshots and older versions of the websites for you to browse. Now since you're most likely missing these old days, you can still play Neopets! The website is still active and somewhat thriving! You can even play Home Star Runner still.
Be sure to leave your past times in the Twitter thread below, and see if your favorite websites are still active!

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