With certified double- and triple-platinum records, a successful career since his 2005 debut and a slew of Grammy nominations and awards to his name, Georgia-bred country star Jason Aldean knows how to entertain, both on stage and on albums. And his talent doesn't stop there; one of the other areas he shines in is ... music videos.

The singer has a diverse portfolio of music videos, ranging from simple and nostalgic to so steamy your computer screen might catch fire, to the type that requires a box of tissues sitting next to your computer before you hit play. Below are The Boot's picks for Aldean's five best music videos.

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    "Dirt Road Anthem"

    "Dirt Road Anthem," written by Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert, became the best-selling song in digital history by a solo male country artist in the United States. Not only was the song a smash, the video was too. "Dirt Road Anthem" was nominated for the CMT Music Awards Video of the Year and Male Video of the Year trophies -- and we can definitely see why. The video was entirely shot in black and white, giving it a nostalgic feel. In the video, Aldean drives his Ram pickup, in a sense, down memory lane. Every place he stops, he reminisces about something that happened in his younger years, whether it was partying with his friends in a clearing, sitting around a gigantic bonfire and even breaking up a fight between friends. Eventually, his friends fade away one by one, leaving Aldean in present day.

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    "She's Country"

    Country girls, represent! Aldean's "She's Country" music video pays homage to all the women who are true country girls. It's simple yet effective, with clips of Aldean performing the high-energy hit at concerts in Peoria, Ill., Evansville, Ind., and LaCrosse, Wis. Interspersed throughout the performances, the video features real Aldean fans, with "cowboy boots" and "down-home roots," and there's a whole lot of pride in their eyes: They're beautiful, tough, confident and huge lovers of country music. With real-life visuals of what a country girl is, the "She's Country" music video hit the nail on the head; they didn't need to find and pay an actress or model for the shoot -- all they needed to do was tap on some shoulders. This video was directed by Wed Edwards, and Aldean says, "Wes didn't have any problem finding girls to be in the video because they really relate to the lyrics and are proud to be from the country."

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    If there's a music video that defines fun, it's Aldean's "1994" offering. The song, which is a tribute to Joe Diffie, is completely ridiculous in the best possible way, and so is the music video. It begins with two girlfriends heading into a coin-operated photo booth. When they head in, a music video in the booth begins playing -- and it turns out to be the actual video. Cameos from a huge number country stars -- Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley, Hayden Panettiere, Thomas Rhett, Little Big Town and Jake Owen among them -- play throughout the clip. It's essentially a big dance party in a barn, and Aldean is performing at it, complete with a whole lot of pretty women. We're pretty sure you'll want to go and find yourself a coin-operated photo booth when you're finished watching this over-the-top video.

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    "Burnin' It Down"

    Aldean's "Burnin' It Down" video is hot, hot, hot. It begins with a woman lying in a steamy bathtub lined with candles and just gets hotter from there. She rises from the tub, her naked back visible, with steam emanating from her skin, as she wraps a towel around herself. Later, she appears again, walking toward her man in a slinky robe. She pours him a glass of Jack Daniels, and then the two of them really start burnin' up the screen. Let's just say her robe doesn't stay on long ... and this is definitely Aldean's sexiest music video yet.

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    "Tattoos on This Town"

    If you're ever in a weepy mood, don't watch this video -- unless you're ready for a good ugly cry. The video for "Tattoos on This Town," which debuted in 2011, is the tearjerker of all tearjerkers. The video takes viewers through a sweet couple's love story, beginning when they were starry-eyed teenagers to their eventual engagement and marriage. They carve "I love you" into the tree trunk in their home's yard, and their happiness shines until he joins the Army. The woman is pregnant, and lots of tears are shed during their goodbye. Then, the fateful day comes when two Marines knock on her door, informing her of her husband's death. The ending, which is several years into the future, shows the couple's son -- wearing his dad's old baseball cap -- and it brings everything in the video full circle. As this heart-wrenching story plays out, Aldean and his band play inside an aircraft hangar. This video, directed by Wes Edwards, is definitely Aldean's most emotional, with an incredibly memorable storyline.

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