Thrillist,com is always coming up with the lists for the best and worst of everything. Now, they rank the best state park in every state.

And the best state park in North Dakota is closer than you think. First, the methodology was pretty straight forward-

So, in an attempt to give them their proper due, we asked locals from across the country to name the grandest of all their state's parks. These are the 50 they picked.

In NoDak, Thrillist says The Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is the absolute best state park in the state.

This 19th-century fort is probably best known as the spot where George Custer and his men were based before their ill-fated afternoon fighting the Sioux. Which might also explain why, after the Custer House was reconstructed in 1989, many visitors reported all sorts of paranormal activity -- from strange white orbs appearing in photos to mysterious noises heard on tours. The park's embracing its haunted reputation and every Halloween makes the Custer House a haunted fort, which you gotta admit is one of the more interesting concepts for a haunted house. If you don't like getting scared, the On-A-Slant Indian Village (yeah, apparently it's okay to still call it that) is just down the hill and reconstructed lodges on the Heart and Missouri Rivers offer a feel for what Native American life was like 500 years ago.

You can see the list for all 50 states here.



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