We're pretty lucky overall living in North Dakota when it comes to crime.

Even our most dangerous cities in North Dakota comparably speaking with other parts of the country are pretty safe.  There's not a place in Bismarck I wouldn't feel safe walking down even at night.

However, even the Peace Garden State can at times be not so peaceful.

You don't have to go back very far to find tragedy in our state.  July 14th, 2023 is a day the citizens of Fargo, North Dakota won't soon forget.  A heavily armed man decided to open fire on Fargo police officers investigating a traffic incident, killing one of the officers and wounding two other officers and a bystander before he was shot and killed.

What's scary is that the shooter Mohamad Barakat is believed to have had his sites on a much broader killing spree with two different fairs going on at the time, according to an article on the AP.

A lesson proving that you should always be aware of your surroundings.

No matter where you are in life.  Take a look around and be prepared for what to do in the event of an unimaginable moment.  That is one thing that my father taught me when I was very young.  Sporting events, the mall, the movie theater, any place where people gather, you just never know.  Have a plan in place for you and your family.

I ran across an article by the Southwest Journal on the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in North Dakota for 2023.

Data was compiled from RoadSnacks and is based on FBI crime statistics in cities with a population of over 2,000 residents.

North Dakota's Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities For 2023

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