There is nothing it seems that can surprise us anymore judging by everything that's taken place in our present year - So far 2020 has introduced COVID-19, monster hornets, and has woke up the entire world with racial indifferences. Now we wait for a vaccine or any kind of miracle that can wipe out all of this virus madness forever, but what can be done with a problem that's been with us for generations? With the events that have been seen, from videos shot on the scene, the memorial day police brutal murder of an unarmed black man, restrained by a white officer - his knee on the man's neck shutting down his oxygen and ability to breathe, to the recent white police shooting ( 7 times in the black victim' back ) in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Our country is scrambling to somehow ease the situation. The sporting world has made their point, during the NBA playoffs, following the incident in Kenosha, the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their game - shortly after Major League Baseball teams followed suit.

Now the National Football League is trying to make strives of their own - remember now, the NFL who at one time restricted it's players from protesting on the field for change, has now completely gone full in on adding their support. Citing from an article from CNN that came out yesterday "Commissioner Roger Goodell in a call on Tuesday walked members of the media through a series of social justice initiatives the league has planned, including helmet decals, a voter activation push and phrases stenciled in the end zones".  Goodell also goes on to say that the league intends to play a song titled "Lift Every Voice and Sing" ( known as the black national anthem ) before games on opening weekend and they'll air some footage that showcases social work from some of the players and teams.

Changes are a positive, good thing and time will tell what kind of reaction they will receive. For more on this story click here.


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