There are times where you want to do something special, like prepare a dish or desert you've never made before. This is where Google comes to the rescue just in time for Thanksgiving!


The Huffington Post revealed last week, the most-googled Thanksgiving pies and sides from every state.

The HP searched data from the last three Novembers from Google and determined the most uniquely searched side dish by state. The searches ranged from mash potatoes to sweet corn casserole to sweet potato pie.

The most search pie for North Dakota was the recipe for pumpkin pie. Other searches from neighboring states included-

  • Minnesota- pumpkin pie
  • South Dakota - pumpkin pie
  • Montana- pumpkin pie


Other searches from other states included-

  • Tennessee- sweet potato pie
  • Kentucky- pecan pie

Actually, the research determine pecan pie, sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie was the most searched pie by all 50 states.




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