Let's face it, where you send your kid to school is pretty important.

I'm a couple of years removed from those worries, (my son graduated from Bismarck High School in 2022) but I remember those days well.

I think just about every parent wants the best for their child, and a good education has to be near the top of the list.

Just how good are our schools in North Dakota compared with the rest of the country?

An article caught my eye from Test Prep Insight, on "The Most Envied School Districts in America".  This was a survey of 3,000 parents to discover which school districts they would hypothetically most want their children to attend school at.

I was a bit surprised that North Dakota has TWO school districts that made the Top 55 of the Top 250 school districts in the country.

That's pretty impressive. There's a pretty good chance that you might be sending your kids to one of those North Dakota School Districts.

Grand Forks came in at the highest of school districts on the list at #48.

Bismarck is the other North Dakota school district that cracked the top 100 at #55.

Let's take a look at our neighboring states that had school districts that also made the top 100 list.


Eden Prairie, Minnesota came in at #38 (The highest-ranking area school district).

Edina, Minnesota was ranked at #86.


Kalispell, Montana came in at #54.

Bozeman, Montana was ranked at #62.

Billings, Montana just made the top 100 at #97.

South Dakota:

South Dakota had ZERO school districts make the top 100 and to be honest, that really surprised me.  So much for "Great Faces, Great Places."

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