The Minnesota Vikings 2020-21 schedule was officially released Thursday night and I can't find a loss.  lol  Seriously, this is going to be very difficult season for the purple schedule wise.  They better get off to a good start or it's going to be longggggg season.

The schedule starts off at home against Aaron Rodgers and the hated Green Bay Packers coming to US Bank Stadium.  The Packers only went to the NFC Championship last season before losing to San Francisco.  The Packers were "red hot" coming into the NFC championship game and many thought they were headed to the Super Bowl.  It should be interesting with Green Bay drafting a QB in the first round and how it will effect Aaron Rodgers.  The Vikings will face the Packers again on November 1st in Green Bay.

Week 2 the Vikings travel to Indianapolis to take on the Colts.  The only non-playoff team the Vikings will face in the first five weeks.  This is a must win for the Vikings if they have any hopes of the playoffs in 2020.

The next 3 weeks is murder row for the Vikings.  They play Tennessee at home with their tremendous running game followed by two road games at Houston & Seattle.  The Vikes than play Atlanta at home, followed by at Green Bay and finish out the first half of the season at home against the Lions.

The second half of the season includes at Monday night game at Chicago, Dallas, Carolina & Jacksonville at home, at Tampa Bay and Tom Brady, Chicago at home, and finish with pair on the road, at New Orleans and Detroit.

So here's my fearless predictions:

Wins:  Green Bay at home, at Indianapolis, Tennessee, at Houston, Atlanta, Detroit at home,  Dallas, Carolina, Jacksonville, Chicago at home, Detroit on the road.

Losses:  At Seattle, at Green Bay, at Chicago, at Tampa Bay, at New Orleans

Final record: 11-5.  That may be enough to win the NFC North, depending on how Green Bay finishes.  At the very least the Vikes should be a wildcard team.  #SKOL

Minnesota Vikings 2020-21 Opponents

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