If you're a parent, the Four-Gift Rule could save you a ton of time and even some money this year.  It's where you only give your kids four Christmas presents:  one they want...one they need...one they'll wear and one they'll read.

Something they want could be a video game.  Something they need could be school supplies, or anything else that's boring but necessary.  Something they'll wear, which means clothes or shoes.  And something to read could be a book or magazine subscription.

Anyone who's done it will tell you it saves a lot of money.  And as a bonus, you don't have to spend as much time shopping, which this guy is all about.

If you wondering, "what do I do about Santa"?  Simply coordinate with St. Nick, so he can give your kids the gift they "want".  That way they can still ask him for something and you get that well behaved child all year long!