If camping is your thing, you probably know some of the best campsites in North Dakota. Full disclosure, I am not a huge camping type of person. I love the outdoors, but to pitch a tent, sleep outside under the stars, with ticks and mosquitos does not sound like a good night of sound sleep. That's just me.

Now, if we change the accommodations, and sleep in a camper or travel home (with wheels and air conditioning), I could do that.

Travel and Leisure recently released the best campsites in every state. And I kind of already knew the answer to this before I completed reading the original story.

If you're thinking the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, you're spot on. To be more specific, the Juniper Campground, where you'll get to enjoy the Little Missouri River and a portion of the badlands. Let's call it, 'our portion' of the badlands.

At least 4 to 5 times a week, I run. You see, I'm a runner and I feel very fortunate to live on the Southside of the city, where I can run through General Sibley Campground. I know Sibley can not compare to Juniper Campgrounds, regardless, to have a beautiful campsite such as Sibley, we're lucky to have a beautiful site, so close to home.

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