NDSU and UND have had a rivalry dating many years back. Many people wait all season for this intense game. The game today was one for the books. It was a defensive game with NDSU caming out on top with a final score of 16-10. It was a well-fought game for both teams and if you ask me both teams won, they were evenly matched.

According to the Fighting Hawks website the rivalry dates back to 1894 and it's the eighth-oldest college football rivalry. According to the Fighting Hawk’s website, this was the first time since 2003 that NDSU played in Grand Forks at the Alerus Center. NDSU is currently 4-0 on the season and is currently 35 games away from tying their current winning streak at 39. 

According to KVRR, prior to the game, UND leads NDSU in all-time wins at 62 to 47. Those numbers changed with NDSU's win today on 10/2/2021. It was the game that everyone was expecting to see. Typically, NDSU doesn't play against a team with a lot of crowd noise. There was a lot of crowd noise at the Alerus Center today which NDSU struggled with but got better. NDSU is used to crowd noise when their opponent is on offense in the Fargodome, but they usually don't have to deal with the crowd noise on offense. 

The Alerus Center had a busy couple of days with the Eric Church concert last night (10/1/21) and staff members having to work late if not all night long to get the field ready for the game today. Where you at the game? What were your thoughts on the game? Do you think NDSU has a chance to make it to Frisco, TX? 

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