North Dakota loves its Mexican food.

Case in point, you can pretty much find a different Mexican restaurant or Mexican fast food joint on just about every corner in every major city in North Dakota.

Some North Dakotans love their authentic Mexican food, while others like myself prefer the more American version of Mexican food.

We even have our very own version of "salsa" Village Salsa, that is made and manufactured right here in our own state.

Village Hot & Mild Salsa is produced in Grand Forks, North Dakota and you can find it available in convenience and grocery stores all over the state of North Dakota and across Minnesota too.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

It's absolutely delicious and I can literally drink it.  No lie, it's good on anything too, from Mexican food to fries, salads, eggs, burgers, chicken, you name it.

I guess I got a little off track, getting back to the "absolute" BEST Mexican restaurant in all of North Dakota.  Where and what is it?

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

According to an article on MSN, La Enchilada in Bismarck is the best of the best in North Dakota.

Many of my readers and listeners I'm sure are familiar with this spicy gem in the Capital City.  It has a 4.5 rating on Yelp which is pretty darn good.

La Enchilada is located at 6631, 1101 South 12th Street, right off of Bismarck Expressway.  They specialize in asada tacos, chicken fundido, burrito supreme, camarones a la diabla, 7 mares, enchiladas potosinas, tortas and fajita quesadilla.

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