Most of us try to eat healthy and if you're in a relationship with someone who is health conscious, you probably do better than most.  I have pretty good will power, but every now and then I'll get a craving for something that shouldn't be on my diet.  For my wife, it's anything chocolate.  For me, it's frozen Thin Mints...I can't wait until Girl Scout season is over!  Until then, I'll count on my wife to be my conscious.  Here's today's SURVEY OF THE DAY:

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Eating Healthy Survey

A new survey by Sabra Hummus reveals that 71% of people make unhealthy food choices behind their partner's back. Other findings:

- 55% of people have hidden food in their home from their partner

- 70% of people lie to their partner about their unhealthy eating habits

- 68% of people say their partner negatively influences their eating habits.

- 75% of people say they successfully influence their partner to eat healthier

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