Bring Your Camera And Start Exploring What's In Your Backyard!

I'm guessing that many of us in North Dakota and around the country will not be doing much travelling this year.  At least not going on long trips or vacations.  That's why we need to look at what's a little closer to home.

I've always said that we quite often, "over look what's in our own back yard".  Well this year would be a great time to stop doing that.  Whether it's exploring our own cities, the Missouri River, Fort Lincoln, Double Ditch or any number of lesser known spaces, bring your camera and start exploring.

And as for things in our backyard, let me add The Badlands to that list.  Many of us have been to The Badlands, but how many of us have really taken the time to explore them.  Medora, The Musical, Pitchfork Fondue, Maah Daah Hey Trail, Bully Pulpit are absolutely The Badlands, but only a tiny piece of what's out there to explore.

I started thinking about The Badlands and what was in my backyard and around the area when I read an article that my friend Mike Kopp penned about exploring the Badlands.  Mike is also an amazing photographer, hence the reason you should bring your camera.  You never know what or when you may get an incredible pictures.

Check out Mike's story and some magnificent pictures here:

So as we try to figure out what to do this Summer, load up the family, friends, significant other (if you're still on speaking terms after quarantining) and Start Exploring What's In Your Backyard!

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