Starbucks is now giving free coffee to frontline healthcare workers and first responders.  This offer will run for the entire month of December according to an article on Valley News Live.

So spread the word to your favorite nurse, doctor or first responder. The coffee chain will give all healthcare workers and first responders a free tall brewed or iced coffee through the end of the year.

The Starbucks list of people eligible for the free coffee offer through the end of December include:  Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dispatchers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Police officers, Dentists, Mental Health care workers, Active-Duty Military, Public Health Care Workers, and all hospital staff.  You will have to show your work ID to get your cup of Joe!

It's been a heck of year, and no telling how much worse it would be if it weren't for the people on the front lines doing so much for our communities.  I have a good friend who's an ER doctor and the stories he tells me would keep you up at night.  Hospitals are filled to the brim and workers are stressed beyond belief.  Many healthcare workers are forced to stay away from their families for fear of spreading COVID-19.  They really are the true heroes this holiday season!


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