A Mitchell, South Dakota man was forcibly removed from a school board meeting for refusing to wear a mask.  He told the police officers they were going to have to physically remove him to get him to leave.  Eventually, that's what they had to do.  Emotions were running high obviously.  Here's the shocking video...Literally, as one officers at one point pulled out his taser, but decides not to use it.


Somehow, the man was not arrested, however he could still be charged.  According to the Mitchell Republic, the incident, occurred in the library of the Mitchell High School, where the meeting was held with about 20 people at the meeting.

The man, who refused to wear a mask is being identified as Reed Bender according to Mitchell School District Superintendent Joe Graves.  Mr. Bender was asked by Deb Olson, president of the board of education, if he needed a mask because they are required for the meeting?  She also said individuals who were unable to wear a mask due to medical conditions should make arrangements prior to attending board meetings.

Bender, who is no stranger to school board meetings, spoke against the mask mandate to the Mitchell School District.  The Mitchell School Superintendent Joe Graves then contacted police after Bender refused to wear a mask.  Law enforcement arrived about 20 minutes later.  Bender told the police officers they would have to physically remove him if they wanted him to leave.  Well, that's what they eventually had to do.

According to the article, the Michelle Police Department said no charges have been filed in the incident, but the matter if under further review.  Has the whole mask thing gotten a little out of hand?  Comment below please!



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