Despite bars and restaurants in North Dakota with reduced hours or closed, North Dakotans still found plenty of time to drink and drive in 2020.  According to an article on Insurify, the state of North Dakota led the United States in 2019 for DUI's.  You would think with stay at home orders, social distancing and fewer bars open during the pandemic, our numbers would've gone down in 2020?  Nope, for the second straight year the Peace Garden State takes the top honor in the nation for the most DUI's on their record.

The number one reason why people lose their life on the highways in North Dakota is due to driving while intoxicated.  We're not alone on this epidemic that's happening in our country.  Quarantine directives and orders were set into motion for the very first time ever.  Yet, traffic fatalities actually rose over the past year, with a 13.1 percent spike from July through September, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to the article, "Rural Representation" continues to be a problem and it's the same states from the Midwest and Mountain region areas with the most DUI's.  So, why is that?  Lots of wide open roads, plenty of gravel for your travel, and less options for rideshare or other transportation alternatives after a hard night of drinking.  Uber and other like services are just not as available, as in more populated areas.

4.95% of North Dakota drivers have a DUI on their record.

For the 2nd year and a row North Dakota maintains its position at number one with the highest share of drunk drivers in the nation.  The DUW rate is a very high at 57% above the national average.  Yikes, this is something we have to get a handle on quickly North Dakota!


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