We received some much needed moisture over a good portion of southwest, southcentral and southeast North Dakota yesterday (Tuesday, June 8th).  The cities of Bismarck Mandan as usual had a bubble around it, and received the least amount of precipitation in the area, but at least some moisture fell.

According to iweather.net here are some of the 24 hour rainfall totals that fell in North Dakota. Some very impressive totals indeed.

Hazelton- 6.33 inches of rain.  Just northeast of the city, 11 plus inches of rain fell.  Defiantly the high watermark in the area.

Moffit- 2.48 inches of rain

Lincoln- 1.65 inches of rain.

Bismarck- .50 at the airport.  Closer to an inch in and around the city.

Mandan- 1.10 inches of rain.

Elgin- 1.8 inches of rain.

Flasher- 2.71 inches of rain.

Solen- 4.11 inches of rain.

Steele- 5.76 inches of rain.

Sterling- 2.03 inches of rain.

Wing- 2.10 inches of rain.  Just east of the city between Regan and Wing, they saw over 4 inches of rain.

Regan- 2.40 inches of rain.  Much more east of town a few miles.

Wilton- .98 inch of rain.

Baldwin- 1.28 inches of rain.

Menoken- 1.31 inches of rain.

Braddock- 5.54 inches of rain.

Raleigh- 5.64 inches of rain.  Just east of the city it was close to 10 inches of rain.

Carson- 1.60 inches of rain.

New Salem- 1.26 inches of rain.

Washburn- 3.10 inches of rain.

There you have it.  A pretty good soaking over much of our listening area.  This should help greatly with the crops and cattle.  We have a good chance of more rain and possibly severe weather Thursday afternoon and evening.  Should be interesting to see how much yesterday's precipitation and tomorrow's potential rain takes a dent out of the drought.  Fingers crossed.



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