Scotty McCreery has shared the third single from his newest album, 2018's Seasons Change. The latest release is "In Between," which was written by McCreery, Frank Rogers, Jessi Alexander and Jonathan Singleton. The song features what have become classic McCreery vocals, powerful drums and strong guitar work; readers can press play above to hear the full song.

In this coming-of-age song, McCreery describes the things that make him who he is and how they're often contradictory. He finds that he is half one thing and half another -- right in between. McCreery sings about that delicate balance, "I'm in between / Friday-night wild / And quiet Sunday morning / Between 'done after one' / And 'keep on pouring.'"

After singing about a whole bunch of those contradictions, such as being a city boy rooted in rural life and a blue-collar worker and beach-goer, McCreery explains that he is "just holding down the middle."

"I'm steady as I go," McCreery sings. "I ain't all holy water / And I ain't all Jim Beam / I'm somewhere in between / Yeah, I'm somewhere in between." 

"In Between" is an apt representation of McCreery's Seasons Change as a whole. The project, which came after a five-year break, explores themes of personal growth and self-reflection, and is the performer's most autobiographical release to date.

"In Between" is due at country radio on April 1.

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