Vanessa Williams was a former Miss American and perhaps the most beautiful woman ever! (nods to Bismarck's own Cara Mund...but, y'know Vanessa Williams!).

Apollo Theater 2005 Spring Benefit "The Magic Lives On"
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Ladies and gentlemen- the lovely Cara Mund!

Taste Of The NFL Comes Home To Minnesota for The 27th Annual Party With A Purpose
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Always put attractive ladies in your stories...(little editorial advice) well then...back to my story.

Vanessa Williams had a bit hit song on the radio called "Save The Best For Last"'s a YouTube link if you must.

The first lyric of the song is as follows

"Sometimes the snow comes down in June..."

Which let me just say it does in North know it does- click here. It's a Dickinson picture they're showing!

Let's move on...the hit song's best known lyric is-

"Just when you thought the best had passed- you saved it the best for last."

So, back when America was happily RVin' down our highways and byways they would grab a souvenir to show they had been in that state.

The fantastic rocker George "Bad To The Bone" Thorogood once played 50 states in 50 days. I missed his Grand Forks show as it was my college days and I was unavailable. (woot!) Partyin' too hard to see a Destroyers' show...sad really.

Point seems to be a disturbing trend that a number of these professional vacation transients come to North Dakota for the final piece of their ALL 50 STATES PUZZLE! They didn't stop here first, or second, or third...we was dead last everybody.

And Fargo's Chamber of Commerce has prepared for these trans-continental tourists.  They give them a "Save The Best For Last" t-shirt- see it here!  An official certificate and my FAVORITE- "an occasional round of applause from the staffers".

Travel on...and thanks for leaving some money.

ps...interesting North Dakota places are here, here, here, and here.

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