Well, it was definitely shocking.  One year ago, Cory Klocek of Zimmerman, Minnesota was hunting deer on the Minnesota opener near East Bethel.  East Bethel is in Anoka County and not far from the Wisconsin border in southeast Minnesota.

Cory was hunting a slough area when a big buck came prancing by his tree stand.  He took a shot and he believed he had hit the deer.  He followed the deer over the hill near a pond and began looking for antlers in binoculars.  As he was gazing across the pond when something caught his eye.  He had to look three times because he couldn't believe it.  It was an alligator.  Here's what he saw.

Corey Klocek

At first, he thought it was a rubber gator and that one of his friends was playing a prank on him.  Then, the reptile moved.  He didn't know what to do, so Cory called his friend who works for the DNR.  He told him to shoot it because it's an invasive species.  So, that's what Klocek did and now I'm sure he'll be telling this story at deer camp for the rest of his life.

He eventually found the 10 point buck as well.  Klocek's wife wanted the gator to be made into a purse.  Instead, Cory planned to have both the deer and alligator mounted together.

Cory Klocek

Klocek told me on the phone he has no idea where the alligator came from but suspects it came from a nearby home.  He's guessing somebody was raising it as a pet and then it got too big and they released it into the wild.

Cory Klocek

This sure goes to show you, that's you never know what you could run into when you hit the woods.


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