Remember what seemed like only yesterday that we were sweating our you-know-whats off - summer/winter does have a few things in common - like If you park your car outside your house, sprinting inside to either the air conditioner or the heater. Why is it always such a shock to us when it suddenly turns cold - when the sun is still beaming down, but we can feel the turn of the tide so to speak. I felt that this morning when I got out of my car, the temps have definitely started to drop. So when the first storm comes we get a quick final slap in the face that summer has long passed us,

Keeping up our hopes for some long days of rain ahead

Last Saturday was just a fleeting moment of what we all have been hoping for quite some time. The drought has just, simply put, been a disaster. This last past Saturday was a blessing with the rain that came down almost all day. The forecast shows more on the way.
We have been very lucky though with the warm weather that continued on after September.

Just like two weekends ago, we had temperatures in the low 90s, which I believe set records for those two days - still, though, it's never easy to suddenly face winter peaking at us right around the corner. I'm guessing snow will be with us before we know it, as there already is a winter storm warning for Western North Dakota.

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