DEVILS LAKE, N.D. - According to KFYR-TV-A controversial post out of Devils Lake is making its rounds on social media.

The post shows a photo of a couple with a poster for a prom-posal.

The poster reads "If I was black I'd be picking cotton but I'm white so I'm picking you for prom."

It is also surrounded by cotton balls and many people are calling it a racial slur.  You have to wonder what the kid was thinking when he came up with this proposal?  Did anybody offer any insight to his actions?  How about his parents?  Even the girl that posed for the picture seemed to smile, oblivious to the implications of the situation.

Devils Lake superintendent, Scott Privratsky said in a statement, "The school district has been made aware of the inappropriate social media post and will be dealing with the issue tomorrow (February 24th)."

Privratsky goes on to say, "We will not however be providing any comment on individual student discipline or sanctions."

KFYR-TV was able to find at least five other instances from around the country and Canada where the same promposal was used.

One instance was in Bellville, Ohio and the student was banned from prom, another two posters showed up in Florida at Riverview High School and Monarch High School in Coconut Creek. A student in Vermontville, Michigan also created a similar poster. Most recently a student in Ottawa, Canada created a poster with the same message.

Not a good way to put Devils Lake and North Dakota on the map.

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