You can discipline your children, but then again, what these parents did crossed the line and authorities took action against the two.

According to Inforum, Casey Jerome Lunski, 34, and Angela Kay Lunski, 45, from Larimore, are charged with child neglect after authorities claim the two  would use a laser to scare their children and shoot a BB gun towards them.

According to documents, the two parents appeared in court , Thursday ( March 8th) on allegations of abuse.

The Grand Forks Sheriff's Office started to investigate the parents back in November after receiving complaints from officials from their school and from family members.

The father was charged with child neglect, a Class C felony and the mother was also charged with a Class C felony on child abuse.

Not only did the parents scare the children with a laser and BB gun, there are also allegations of hitting a child’s head against a wall, pulling and twisting the children's arm to cause pain and pulling their hair. One of the kids had a mark on their foot from being hit with the BB gun.

Charges are pending.






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