Saturday was a busy day in Bismarck and adding to the influx of visitors and hotel occupancy was the Bismarck Marathon at Cottonwood Park.

The annual event attracts runners from across the country. According to officials, over 1400 runners participated in the event which offered several different events and courses for runners of all types. The runners ranged in age from the very young up to 80 years old.

One of the reasons the Bismarck Marathon is such an attractive event is the communities participation to ensure the local and visiting runners have a great experience but more importantly, this race also serves as a qualifying event for much larger races including the Boston and New York City marathon.

As a casual runner myself, the weather was perfect for the morning course. If you remember two years ago, Bismarck had muggy weather and the mosquitos were so bad for the runners. Saturday, the weather was overcast, a light breeze and was a little misty. Near perfect conditions for running, in my opinion. Some runners rather run in much hotter conditions and then you have some rather run in cooler weather.

The Bismarck Marathon had representatives from out of the country and over 30 visitors were running in Saturday's race.







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