We all know the fish stories about the one that got away.That was not the deal for 30-year-old Justin Olson of Wahpeton. He has a fish story that he'll be sharing for quite some time.

According to KFYR-TV, Justin caught a big-fat catfish. He was fishing at the Kidder Recreation Area Saturday morning and he fought this bottom-feeder for almost a half-hour.

After fighting the catfish, he landed the fish and it weighed close to 40-pounds. That is not a record catfish for the state but never the less, that's a big fish.

Most people will not eat large catfish like this as most people think the meat is mushy and not so good to eat. The best thing to do with a fat-cat like this is to take a picture to prove you caught the monster and throw it back. And that is exactly what Justin did.

Justin was fishing with 12-pound test line and was using a night crawler as bait.

The record for a Channel Catfish is 42 lbs 1 oz. 40 ", caught in Moon Lake on July 25, 2009, byTina Willis according to state records.



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