Another Colorado Low has its eyes set on the Northern Plains, and that could mean an all-time record for Bismarck.

The all-time record I'm referring to is the most snowfall in a single winter season.  You have to go back to the dreaded winter of 96-97 when Bismarck saw 101.6 inches of snowfall.

Currently, Bismarck is sitting at 92.7 inches of snowfall for the season.  That means we are just under 9 inches from breaking the all-time record (that's if my bonehead high school algebra math is correct).

We are on the backside of March as of today so it would seem on most years we likely wouldn't see a 9-inch snowstorm this late in the season.

However, considering the snowstorms we saw into May last year, it would seem likely with the current weather pattern we are in.

I ran across a couple of weather models for next week that potentially puts 9-plus inches of snow in our neighborhood.

Here's a look at both the American and European models.  They appear to be in agreement about a potential snowstorm in North Dakota.

European weather model screenshot
European weather model screenshot
American weather model screenshot
American weather model screenshot

This storm could impact the Northern Plains starting Tuesday night and linger into Thursday, March 23rd.  According to a representative with the National Weather Service in Bismarck, who I spoke to this morning, this Colorado Low does have the potential to push Bismarck over the edge and break the all-time snowfall record.

This storm system is still a long way out and there's still some uncertainty on its path.

Stay tuned, you could be a witness to snowfall history next week in Bismarck.

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