According to a social media poll, which lists the worst public attraction in each state, the "Enchanted Highway" is North Dakota's worst public attraction.  BOO!  I'm not buying this as I LOVE the Enchanted Highway.  Here's his map of the United States and the worst attraction in each state, according to Matt Shirley and his Instagram followers.

Matt Shirley Instagram
Matt Shirley Instagram


I find it humorous that "Mall of America is Minnesota's biggest disappointment. I totally agree with that one, because I hate shopping. The Enchanted Highway, however, I have issues with.

In case you don't know, Business Insider calls Matt Surelee an internet content creator.  (Kind of like me)  However, he's got me on the popularity front, as he has just a few more Instagram followers than I do.  Matt likes to create charts or graphs and posting them to his account every day and he's been doing them since 2017.  Matt has over 334,000 followers, so I guess I should be blaming his North Dakota peeps who decided to "hate" on the Enchanted Highway.  They must all be "FARGO" people, right?  If it weren't for Bison football, we wish Fargo would just go ahead and become a part of Minnesota?  South Dakota's worst attraction is the Corn Palace, which I've never been to, so I can't hate on it.  Montana's is the 50,000 dollar Silver Bar, which I have not had the pleasure of either.

So what do you think?  Do you agree with his followers?  Is the Enchanted Highway LAME???



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