With all of the shortages due to the Coronavirus, there is some good news if you run low on toilet paper.  Some newspapers may have found a solution.  Here's today's SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW:

New Tariffs On Canadian Newsprint Expected To Drive Up Costs For U.S. Newspapers
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Newspaper Printing Blank Pages So People Can Use Them For Toilet Paper: The NY Daily News says an Australian newspaper is printing blank pages so readers can use them as toilet paper because the country is experiencing a TP shortage due to the coronavirus and a toilet paper tanker truck fire. The front page of the NT News reads, “The NT News cares. That’s why we printed an EIGHT-PAGE special liftout inside, complete with handy cut lines for you to use in an emergency.”

News Editor Matt Williams says, “We are a newspaper known around the world who understands the needs of our readers. Territorians … are in great need of toilet paper right now so we had to deliver what they needed.”

Finally, you can use the newspaper for something other than wrapping fish.

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