According to a Facebook post on the Lincoln Community Page, the city of Lincoln, North Dakota has adopted a new ordinance.  Per law (5-03-02) it's now illegal for any person to keep or accumulate the following:

This includes the front and backyards of your property, which includes scrap metals, used or scrap lumber, household appliances, machinery, commercial equipment, used building materials, construction or demolition waste or salvage, abandoned or unlicensed vehicle or vehicles, automotive or machinery parts, tires, used oil or solvents, garbage or rubbish of any kind, waste paper, used furniture or other household goods, barrels, rags, boxes, cardboard, or other similar items.  Basically, unsightly items.  I'm guilty of one or two of these I must admit.  I better get in line!

That's a HUGE list.  Lincoln is my adopted hometown.  I live a couple miles south of Lincoln, and I can say my development would be in trouble with this new law.

It's also noted, that this is not just one of those laws that will not be enforced.  Law enforcement will be looking for households who are not in compliant with this new law.  Violators may be fined and will have a deadline to remove such items.  If items are not removed, the city can take action to remove illegal items and bills all the costs back to the property.  You are asked to do your part to keep the city of Lincoln looking good.

Another note, Lincoln will have their own Lincoln Cleanup Days coming up April 24th from 9 am to 1 pm at City Hall.  There are some restrictions of course, please contact the city office with any questions.

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