There's a new child care facility coming to Bismarck, ND. The new child care facility is called Wee Folk Child Care and is owned by Sheila Morris and is located in the old Tractor Supply and Family Dollar building. The address is 910 S 18th St, Bismarck, ND 58504 and the phone number is (701) 226-9965. According to writing on the window, you can call that number to hold a spot. The tentative opening date for the center is March 2022. They will have nine different rooms and can have up to 200 kids at the center. The interior will be 10,000 square feet. They filled in the loading dock and will use that area for the outside playground. The outside playground area will consist of 9,000 square feet. You can contact Sheila Morris for employment. You can  email them at If you would like to find out more information you can click here.

Child care is expensive and hard to find these days. Most all childcare places in the Bis-Man area are full. There's usually a waiting list for people that want to get their children into child care. Most parents these days are working and their job requires them to find someone to watch their child or children. This is a great location that they are opening into a child care facility due to the demanding need for childcare.

I have a few friends that have children and they all have told me how hard it is to find a child care facility and that it's really expensive when a person does find one. There's a big demand for daycares in the local area. This childcare facility should be able to help out with the need for more daycares in the area.

Do you own a daycare? Have you run into issues finding a daycare for your child? Do you think daycare is expensive? Hopefully, the Wee Folk Child Care opening will be able to help with the growing need for local daycare facilities in the area.


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