Many people love going out and playing arcade games and having a good time. The Baymont in Mandan, ND got a new arcade and games. I went there Saturday night to check it out and there was a lot of games to play.

They have all kinds of games to play and they even have a basketball game where you can play against someone else. The games require the player to get a card from a machine but is a lot of fun.

I didn't know that they had gotten this until a couple weeks ago when a friend of mine told me about it. It's actaully a really nice arcade area witha lot to do for all ages. The Baymont is a hotel with a bar/restaurant. They also have a waterpark and a arcade. The arcade was really busy the other night when I was there and the kids were having a blast. Many people always complain that there isn't much to do in town but that's a lot of fun.

The arcade is right in the restaurant and according to the individual from Baymont that I spoke to on the phone he said it's open until bar close. The Baymont has sure changed since the last time I was up there when it was the Seven Seas. It looks really nice and the arcade is a great addition to the place. The bar is a lot bigger since the last time I was there many years ago. Have you been to the arcade and played the games?

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