I spent a fair amount of time over the weekend watching the news channels and what's going on in Ukraine.  Images that reminded me more of 1942 than 2022.  Civilians being murdered, the sheer panic of families being torn apart.  Millions of people are being separated from their loved ones.  Women and children are being forced to leave their home country of Ukraine to seek refuge in a foreign nation.  I don't think any of us can really imagine the terror of what's going on in Europe right now.  It seems to me, we need God more than ever.

Religion in America is a dying breed.  Fewer people are going to church than ever before.  In fact, more new people are taking up witchcraft according to USA Today.  Younger Americans especially have abandoned traditional organized religion in favor of the supernatural and pagan religions like Wicca.

According to the World Population Review, Pew Research Center's Religious Landscape study did a study on what states are the most religious.  The study looked at four areas to determine what states are the most religious.  They included church attendance, how often you pray, your belief in God, and a self-assessment of the importance of religion.

I would've guessed the southern states would lead the way and I'm right.  However, I would've thought the upper Midwest would be not far behind.  Turns out I'm wrong.

The Top 10 Most Religious States include:

1.  Alabama with 77% religious adults.

1.  Mississippi with 77% religious adults

3.  Tennesee with 73% religious adults

4.  Louisiana with 71% religious adults

5.  Arkansas with 70% religious adults

5.  South Carolina with 70% religious adults

7.  West Virginia with 69% religious adults

8.  Georgia with 66% religious adults

8.  Oklahoma with 66% religious adults

10.  North Carolina with 65% religious adults

So, where did North Dakota come backsliding in?  29th to be exact with about 54% of adults considering themselves religious.  South Dakota is the most religious in our region coming in at number 16.  Minnesota is at number 35 and Montana at number 38.  Here I thought we lived in the Bible belt up here.  Again, I was wrong.

According to The Guardian, fewer than half of Americans belong to a house of worship now.  Many feel, this will be a lasting trend in America.


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