An adventure that started when one boy scout was only 11 years old, has hit a milestone. The now 14-year-old, Isaac Ortman, from Duluth, Minnesota has taken sleeping under the stars or outside to an all-new level. Over the weekend, Isaac surpassed the mark of sleeping outside for 1,000 consecutive nights. Rain or Shine, Hot or Not.

The idea came about when Isaac was only 11 years old. While visiting the family cabin, he chose to sleep outside for five nights straight. This boy scout then dared his fellow scouts to take a try at beating his five-night record. This outside nightly adventure has now turned into a record pry-hard for most kids or even adults to break.

Now think about how chilly this winter has been thus far. With temps across the nation plummeting in December around the holidays, one thinks "how" would someone continue this goal of sleeping outside? Isaac, a Star Trooper in the Boy Scouts, and his father, Andrew Ortman, a Boy Scout Troup Leader, built a quinzee for this winter.


Essentially this is the Canadian version of an igloo. The construction uses snow instead of ice, to aid in insulating. Some even refer to the quinzee as another form of a snow cave. Softer snow is piled up, then left to sit for a couple of days in order to become firmer. Long sticks are placed all over the top, and then the digging process begins.

The coldest temperature that Isaac Ortman has slept thru over the past couple of years was -38. Now that 1,000 nights in a row has been surpassed, the young man's next goal is to make it sleeping outside until mid-April, which would then mark three straight years of sleeping outside.

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