According to KFYR-TV, The Lonesome Dove in Mandan, North Dakota and the city of Mandan have come to an agreement over the mural lawsuit. The Lawsuit was over the mural artwork on the Lonesome Dove, a local bar in Mandan. The city ordered the establishment to remove the mural. The Lonesome Dove was denied permits for the mural on the building from the Mandan City Commissioners. The Lonesome Dove didn't apply for permits until after the artwork was up. Lonesome Dove owners Brian Berube and August “Auggie” Kersten had the Institute of Justice, a Virginia-based law firm, representing the Lonesome Love.

According to the Bismarck Tribune, in December the city of Mandan approved a new ordinance allowing the Lonesome Dove to keep the mural. The terms of agreement between the city of Mandan and the Lonesome Dove are private. According to August Kersten, “We hope everyone can enjoy putting up murals without having to go through what we went through.”

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