According to The Paddle Trap's Facebook Page, they had an airplane land in the Missouri River, docked, and ate lunch there. The facebook post states that the pilot flew from Minot, ND to eat lunch there. I can say I've never seen a plane land on the river in all the times I've been out pontooning or crossing the bridges. The restaurant still had their dock in a few days ago. Many people have been ordering locally to help restaurants out during this crisis that we are currently going through.

The Paddle Trap opened up earlier this summer and has been a local favorite for many people. The restaurant went through a total remodel before it opened its doors earlier this summer. The Paddle Trip used to be the Rock Point and Captain Freddy's before that. The restaurant is on the river so boats can dock and eat the great food they have. The Paddle Trap is currently taking to go orders for Thanksgiving meals and are recommending people to help support local businesses. Many local businesses were hit by the global Covid-19 pandemic and are in desperate need of local people to support them to stay open.

The Paddle Trap is one of three bars on the Missouri River the other ones include the Broken Oar and the Pier. All three bars are great places and are a summer favorite when people are out and about floating down the river. To see the photo of the airplane at the Paddle Traps dock click here.

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