This could be the start of a very long and dry spring and summer. The dry conditions has prompted several counties to take fire danger actions.

The counties with burn bans include :

  • Burleigh
  • Morton
  • Emmons

This week in North Bismarck, a controlled burn got out of control due to dry and windy conditions, where the fire department had to be called in to control the grass fire that burned close to 60 acres of land. A lack of snow and moister from a dry winter made county officials take action. The bans are in effect until October 1.

City officials in Bismarck are excluded in the burn ban, as they have their own permanent burn restrictions in place. Burleigh and Emmons counties prohibits garbage and pit burning and campfires.

Morton County ban does not apply to manufactures devices in a controlled space in the city limits of Almont, Flasher, Hebron, Mandan and New Salem. Patio fireplaces, gas smokers and camp stoves and other controlled cookers are excluded from the ban.


You can check the fire rating in your country here.