According to KX News, Boneshaker Coffee opens a second location inside the 701 cycle shop. It's a great location being so close to the river for those that love to be outdoors. The coffee shop is open and ready for business and the manager has already seen an increase in foot traffic. The new location will have outside seating.

General Manager of Boneshaker Charlyne Kemmesat said, “It’s gonna be a lot different here. We have the outside seating in the summer months. We actually have, I see that there’s tables across the way so people can go over there. We do have some different ideas. We might be bringing in some ice cream over here and just kind of doing more of the fun things.”

This additional location adds to the existing coffee shops in the area including: Balancing Goat, Bearscat Bakehouse, Bis-Man Food Co-op, BittyBean, Boneshaker, Brick Oven Bakery, By the Batch, Cappuccino On Collins, Caribou, City Brew, Classic Rock, Coffee Break, Coffee & Bagels, Coffee Zone, Dunn Brothers, Fireflour Pizzeria & Coffee Bar, Gifted Bean, Ginna's Cafe, Gloria Jeans, Main Street Drive Thru Liquor & Coffee, McDonald's, Mighty Missouri, Mocha Momma's, Night Owl Coffee Delivery, Red Trail Petro Expresso, Refuel Coffee Bar, Rhythm Records & Cafe, Starbucks, Steep Me A Cup Of Tea, Terra Nomad, and Wide Eyed.


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