A band that travels around the country Johnny Collier had a number one song earlier this year and currently has a song that's number two. The voting chart is The Fan Voted Chart and he's hoping to grab the number one spot this week. Johnny Collier and his band come to the Lonesome Dove in Mandan, North Dakota about three to five times a year.

The band consists of Johnny Collier the singer and guitar player, Roger the drummer and Jerry the bass player. The band can play a wide variety of music anything from country to rock to the oldies. I've been to a number of Johnny Collier shows and he tends to always pack the Lonesome Dove.

Johnny Collier is a fulltime musician and lives in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and travels the country doing what he loves playing music. Johnny Collier would love to have two number one songs. Johnny has worked hard to get these songs where they are right now. The last time Johnny Collier was at the Lonesome Dove was in Sepember and he said that covid-19 has really changed their tour schedule. He had shows booked throughout the whole the year and most of their shows got canceled.

Johnny Collier is a talented musician and he plays a lot of songs a night and remembers the words to at least 400 songs. Johhny Collier is one of the nicest musicians I've met and I hope his song Honey For Hire goes number one.

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