If you could have a dream what would it be? It has to do with something from North Dakota. It could be flying to a place you've always wanted to going on a cruise but flying there from Bismarck. It could also be building your dream house or lake cabin here in North Dakota. Many people come to visit North Dakota and they end up moving here because they like it here so much and they like the people here.

I think for myself the dream would be to fly down south and go on a cruise that would be a dream of mine. The one nice thing about some people is they get to live their dream everyday with the house or cabin they've always wanted. One nice thing about North Dakota that I really love is that we can make some people's dreams come true with Make A Wish. They make people's dreams come true and they are truly an amazing organization.

For many people I think their dream here in North Dakota would be to buy or build a huge house either on the river or out in the country. I think that would be the life to build a huge house out in the middle of the country with not a care in the world. What would be your dream that involves something to do with North Dakota? This is the once chance that you get to day dream and imagine what it would be like living the dream.

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