Every time I hear the two words "Little League" such wonderful memories come into my head

Isn't it awesome when you can take a couple of seconds to reflect on such moments that bring you joy and peace? That's what happens when I hear the words "Little League" - I remember the excitement of tryouts, being around other kids my age on the baseball field running and fielding, TRYING to land the bat on the ball, and then finding myself wearing a uniform. The sounds of family in the stands rooting on their kid, the smells of freshly mowed grass in the outfield, and hot dogs in the snack shop - I will never forget that time of my life. The Fargo All-Stars are going through those emotions right now.

The MidWest Regional Tournament

So far so good, yesterday Fargo upended Coon Rapids, MN 13-2, and they will now face the loser of Iowa/Missouri tomorrow, should they win that game, they will play for the chance to be in the Little League World Series at South Williamsport, Pennsylvania on Friday. These kids play with pride and because they love the game. Inforum.com reported that their Head coach Eric Grande also knows another reason "They’re playing for Fargo. They’re playing for North Dakota, It’s going to really mean a lot to them and hopefully mean a lot to the community." Good luck team!

As pure and innocent as you can find

Little League baseball all over the country embodies good old-fashioned sportsmanship when the kids from both teams that play each other respect EACH other. They enjoy the game for what it is, blowing bubbles with their chewing gum out in left field, they chatter, they kick the dirt at the pitching mound, they try and emulate their Major League heroes, and yet still are innocent and pure. Nothing could be better proof than this video from yesterday, out at the Southwest Region Championship:


 There are no losers in Little League, and we all can learn a simple lesson in life by understanding compassion for your fellow 12-year-old, your next-door neighbor that has the loud dog that wakes you up on a Sunday morning, or even a quick smile directed towards a cranky co-worker - a good positive attitude goes a long way.


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