There's a  Back to School fundraiser for Lincoln Elementary School going on now through September 30th.  Lincoln Elementary School is partnering with the Mighty Missouri River Coffee for a back-to-school coffee fundraiser.  This event will help support your local school and a local small business all in one.

The Lincoln PTO has purchased Chromebook sleeves and face masks for ALL students both distance learning and hybrid.  These items were needed to protect Lincoln Elementary teachers, staff, students and equipment as they go back to school.

You can help defer costs by ordering a bag of coffee from Missouri River Coffee and $6 dollars will go directly to Lincoln Elementary School.  Please CLICK HERE to make your purchase. A portion of every bag purchased using code “lincolnpto” will be donated to the Lincoln PTO.  A 12 oz bag of coffee will cost you $14 dollars.  A 12 oz bag of espresso will run you $16 dollars.  Free Shipping for orders over $20 dollars, so you can stock up and that's for whole beans or ground.  Again, this offer expires Wednesday, September 30th.

Who knows what this school year will bring, but coffee usually makes things better right?  Lincoln has a beautiful school and here's your chance to help out the school, whether you live in the community or not.  Lincoln is really a town on the grow and I wonder how long before they add a middle school or even a high school.  The city certainly has a big enough population to support a middle and high school.  I'm guessing it's just a matter of time.



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