Believe me, there's no "Grinch problem" in Lincoln, North Dakota.  I was just saying to my co-workers the other day, "It seems like there are not as many decorated homes in Bismarck Mandan this year."  However, that is not the case in Lincoln.

I was driving down Lincoln Road last night when some bright beams of light caught my eye at the Benteen Drive and the Lincoln Road intersection to the south.  I immediately looked for a place to turn around to check out this "Griswold-like" light display.

Three houses together on Benteen and Santee have synced up to put together the best Christmas light display in Lincoln.  I know there are a lot of good ones in Bismarck Mandan, but I'm guessing this one in Lincoln would be right up there with any of them.

They even have their own FM signal on the radio dial that the Christmas lights are synchronized to.  It's quite the spectacle.

As we were watching the lights flash to the music, several cars in the area were stopping buy get a glimpse of this holiday cheer.  One limo on a tour of holiday lights even made a point to do 3 drive-bys while we were watching.  Sometimes in life, once is never enough I guess.

I decided to jump outside my car on a balmy December evening and get a few snapshots for you to see.  Enjoy.

Lincoln Lights



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