The coronavirus is a real drag, and it's the REAL deal. The statistics of the dead are proof that it's here among us. Those that believe "It's just the flu" probably haven't been to a hospital ravished with the victims who lay suffering, and dying. We want to get our city, our country back to the way it was. There are high hopes that we are getting close to having our lives get back to normal. Those hopes are matched however, with the "What if?" people. "What if the second wave of coronavirus hits us?"

The fact is, as of right now, there are no specific vaccines or medicines for COVID-19. These are unchartered waters we are in. The predictions of even worse times ahead, the virus coming back and finishing off those that had it before, are troubling to hear, at best. There are several schools of thought to this-let's all get through this together, NOW, then tackle the future, OR we need to plan on what COULD happen later on. I still say the best way to move forward, is to keep doing what we have been doing the last couple of weeks, and SLOWLY inch our way back. Read for yourself the "What ifs?", and use it to live cautiously.


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