Born. Raised. One thing remains constant,

regardless of the miles, you may travel in life or the places you may live.

North Dakota will always be home, and in that same respect, we know that our fellow North Dakotans will always cheer us on too in life!

A gal that I am proud to call a friend...

It makes me overjoyed to have grown up watching her after we were done being teammates, shooting hoops in those GV-D-H Panther uniforms...

To then knock Stanford off her list... A star ivy league athlete and economics major...

And today... Is as we would only hope...

Pushing The Limits and Still...

Taking The Shot!!

Featured this month in the Food & Wine Magazine's special

"The Restaurant Issue" is our very own...

North Dakotan gal, Shyla Sheppard!

Food & Wine
Food & Wine

Born and raised on the

Fort Berthold Reservation

in the Twin Buttes area,

Shyla is a member of the Three Affiliated Tribes.

(Mandan, Hidatsa, & Arikara Nation.)

Shyla Sheppard (President & Founder)

and Missy Begay (Co-Founder)

have taken the craft of beer brewing back to their roots, their heritage.

These trailblazing women are the creators and owners of the

FIRST (1st) U.S. brewery owned by

Indigenous Women!

Bow & Arrow Brewing Co.
Bow & Arrow Brewing Co.

Located in the beautiful landscape of New Mexico is where one can now find the Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. with craft beers such as "Denim Tux" or "Strawberry Amigo".

Their distribution is growing fast! Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. was founded by the ladies in 2014, and already can be purchased in many places across the United States!

Sadly, for us North Dakotans...

The closest place to purchase is Colorado...

(That is unless you know the owner...

Hint, Hint Shy... Sneak a six-pack back for ole BEC.)

CONGRATS AGAIN to our very own

North Dakota gal,

Shyla Sheppard and Missy Begay

on living your American dream of entrepreneurship,


Be sure to grab the latest issue of Food & Wine Magazine, on stands now!!!

Courtesy of Shyla Sheppard
Courtesy of Shyla Sheppard

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