While visiting the Kirkwood Mall, you may notice a certain store is no longer there. While I was recently spending my entire paycheck at the shopping center, I couldn't help but notice one of the stores I frequent looked a lot different.

The shelves were bare, and only one worker was inside.


So Long Sephora

That's right the Sephora brand store will no longer be operating inside JC Penny. I asked the woman working in the store what was happening, and she informed me that the store would be changing over to somethin called "JC Penny Beauty." While I'm sure that will be great, I couldn't help but be a little disappointed.

There were a couple makeup brands you could only get from Sephora. I dread the inevitable trying to order your perfect shade ordeal. * Sigh *

JC Penny Beauty

So, JC Penny Beauty will sell all the hair, skin and makeup products you would expect. I can't say what brands will be in supply, but it doesn't seem that it will be long before we find out. The store is already almost completely cleaned out and ready for the new business to take over.

On your next mall haul, you may want to pop in and see what changes have been made.

It Isn't Quite Over

So, even though Sephora is leaving the JC Penny store, another department store has pledged to open a new Sephora within its walls. Sephora will soon live again inside of Bismarck's Kohl's, according to KFYRTV.com. The source claims the new makeup store will open sometime next year, in 2023.


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