Have you ever been to a Kwik Trip convenience store before?

I have, they are numerous in and around the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas of Minnesota.  I spend a lot of time in the Twin Cities as I have family from there and I have made several Thanksgiving runs to pick up milk for the mashed potatoes, or a pumpkin pie.

Kwik Trips are considered the best of the best from the Minneapolis people I know.

Not only do they have the usual convenience store-type deals, but most stores have a great bakery, deli, carwash, hot food options (including breakfast), and a great atmosphere to be honest.  They are packed full of customers for a reason from my experience.

Now, it looks like North Dakota is getting its very FIRST Kwik Trip.

This chain of convenience stores has locations throughout Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.  According to an article on Valley News Live, Kwik Trip is coming to FARGO, North Dakota too.

In fact, it looks like at least two Kwik Trips will be coming to North Dakota's largest city, according to an announcement from Goldmark Commercial Real Estate.

It appears the Kwik Trips will be located on 45th Street in South Fargo and the 2nd location will be near the intersection of I-94 and I-29.

No word at this point when these Kwik Trips will be operational.  The nearest Kwik Trip to Fargo is 150 miles away currently.

It appears that South Dakota will also be getting several Kwik Trips too, according to the Kwik Trip website.

I sure hope we get one in Bismarck or better yet, Lincoln?!

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