As a life long Minnesota Vikings fan I've seen it all.  Four Super Bowl losses, several NFC Championship blowout losses, losing playoff games to inferior teams.  Yeah, it's tough being a fan of the purple.

However, a new  twist to the Vikings saga of late has been that they never seem to win a "prime time" game.  Thanksgiving, Sunday night, Thursday night, Saturday games, Sunday afternoon games.  Heck, they even lost a Tuesday night game when their roof collapsed on the Metrodome a few years back.

Their new QB Kirk Cousins has his own set of issues.  He can't win on artificial turf, he can't beat teams with a winning record and of course, never wins a prime time game.  Well, Kirk has exercised most of those demons this season.  He's winning on turf, winning prime time games and really had a signature win against Dallas and on a Sunday night to boot.

I would say the majority of Vikings fans after last season were ready to let the 80 million dollar man go for someone far less expensive.  After all, the Vikings failed to make the playoffs and with a 8-7-1 record, and it just didn't seem like he was worth the money.  Now, he's in the conversation as a league MVP!  How quickly things change.  Are you on the bandwagon yet?

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys
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