Kelly Clarkson was in for a surprise on the final night of her Meaning of Life Tour. While performing her song "Piece by Piece" in Greenville, S.C., her husband, Brandon Blackstock arrived onstage unannounced, leaving his singing wife in tears.

Clarkson started "Piece by Piece" backed by a single acoustic guitarist, but, near the end of the song, Blackstock — also armed with an acoustic guitar — came out onstage behind Clarkson, and he and the original guitarist sneakily switched places. As the crowd caught on and began screaming, Clarkson turned around and figured out what was going on.

The American Idol winner tried to maintain her composure, but she eventually needed to stop the song. "This is my husband," Clarkson told the cheering crowd, giggling with surprise and excitement. She did eventually complete the song — though she was overcome with emotion a couple more times — embracing Blackstock during the final line.

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The title track of Clarkson's 2015 studio album, "Piece by Piece" is an emotional song about the juxtaposition between Clarkson's own father, who abandoned their family when she was young, and Blackstock, with whom Clarkson has two children. The Top 10 hit is often a heavy, yet beautiful, moment during Clarkson's live sets.

Clarkson and Blackstock have been married since 2013. He is the son of Narvel Blackstock, making him Reba McEntire's stepson (though Blackstock and McEntire are now divorced) and Clarkson McEntire's daughter-in-law.

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