Justin Moore & Tracy Lawrence rocked the Bismarck Event Center this past Thursday September 23, 2021. This show is one that many people, myself included have been waiting to see. There have only been one other country concert at the Bismarck Event Center since reopening due to Covid-19. Tours have cancelled due to the Covid-19 numbers going up and we should feel fortunate that this show did not get postponed again.

The concert was rescheduled a couple other times and it was awesome that it finally happened. There were talks around town of the show possibly cancelling due to the rise in Covid-19 cases. Many people have missed going to concerts, and I'm one of them. I missed the live performances, the light shows, and seeing people sing their hearts out to the songs being sang on stage.

Justin Moore & Tracy Lawrence really put on a wonderful show. They both played all their hit songs and really put on an unforgettable night. This show was one I'd love to see again. Justin Moore actually was in town a day or two early and took a tour of the bobcat facility in Bismarck, ND. Many artists don't usually come to town a day or two early so this was really awesome to see that he did.

Did you get a chance to see Justin Moore & Tracy Lawrence at the Bismarck Event Center? What was your thoughts on the show? I hope the two of them come back to the local area again. They both know how to put on a great show. The biggest question is what will be the next country concert at the Bismarck Event Center?


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